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About Clark

From Fortune 200 CEO’s to cave-dwelling Bedouins, from U.S. Presidents
to death row inmates, from late-night talk-show hosts to cantankerous toddlers,
from professional models to model professionals, Kincaid is an experienced
director of both the talented and the talent-less.

Any successful photographic shoot involves logistical challenges. Kincaid
enlists a disciplined production team to coordinate locations, talent, wardrobe
and makeup.

From illumination macro-sized products with fiber optics to flooding symphony
halls and cavernous mines, Kincaid has modeled and captured the light of the
sun, the moon, the stars, torches, matches and the ever-elusive spirited gleam
of an eye.

From collaborative meetings with both creatives and their clients, to “getting the shot”
without blowing the budget, the often-winding road to a successful shoot needs the
vision of a pilot and the calculated control of a gentle jockey.

Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, High Honors
M.A., Instructional Technology
B.S., Professional Photography

Graduate of Western Kentucky University
B.S. Business Administration & Political Science (Photo Journalism)

Honors & Awards
Addys: Wang, Data Max, Monsanto, Texas Boot
Emmy nomination: Franklin Life
Time Covers: 'Back to Segregation' & 'Fat Free Fat?'

American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) past Vice President